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Who Are We?

We’re polymer clay surface designers. All of our one-of-a-kind pieces are designed and created in our studios – one in Nebraska and one in Texas. Using paint, fibers, beads, fabric, foils, pigments, alcohol inks and maybe a few other things, along with our imaginations, we are all about producing wearable art pieces.

What Kinds of Wearable Art Do We Make?

We make buttons – both singles and sets, embellishments, pendants, closures, pins and necklaces.

Is that all?

Well, right now, yes, but who knows what’s next!

Where Can Crone One-Of-A-Kind Art Be Purchased?

In addition to our online store, Crone art is carried in a collection of brick-and-mortar shops and at trade shows.

We sell wholesale and retail. We work with organizations and collaborate on fund-raising projects. We do trunk shows with interested stores and individual artists. Contact us to learn more.

Can’t find anything close to you? That must mean there’s a store near you that needs to carry Crone art. Get on the phone! Tell your favorite yarn, fabric, clothing or gift boutique about us. We’re always glad for new opportunities to get our story out and our product into more locations!